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Accident Waiting To Happen (e/e)


For tin-the-twin

PromptAn accidental kiss in the back seat of Grantaire’s jeep makes the rest of the summer really awkward.



Grantaire’s jeep has always been a total hazard to everyone who gets even remotely near it. Parts keep falling off and at this point duck tape is about the only thing holding this particular piece of crap together.

But the whole gang is home from college, at least for the summer, and that old jeep is the only car that they can use without their parents throwing tantrums – the temper stuff, not the drink. So they have to deal with the lack of seats, and how taking a ride in the jeep means that she has to be in the back, usually on someone’s lap.

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I think that you need to go into a closed room where there are no windows and write more!


I’m considering doing a fic based off this little thing I came up with. I got my inspiration for Downton Abbey! Victor Hugo owns Les Misérables.
Let me know what you think.

The sharp shrill sounded throughout the small room, capturing the inhabitants attention. No one moved a muscle. The screaming still pouring out of the infants mouth.

Finally, after several moments, a nurse moved to calm the child. The short woman lifted the baby out of the crib, rocking it back and forth in her arms.

As the woman’s did this, still no one moved. Not a sound could be heard apart from the soft cooing of the baby.

Once the baby was calmed, three sets of eyes shifted to the pale faced man sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. His eyes were bloodshot. His muscles tight under the scrubs he was wearing. He fiercely held onto the hand of the woman lying in the bed. She was still. To still.

"Eponine. Eponine, darling, open your eyes for me. Let me see those beautiful brown eyes. Come on, open them. Please! Eponine! You said you’d never leave me! You made me a promise! Please! Don’t go! How am I supposed to live without you?There’s nothing left for me in this world without you here!" The mans words were getting more desperate as he talked. He was crying freely now. His shoulders shaking with the force of his sobs.

A bespectacled man stepped forward cautiously. He placed his hands on his best friends shoulders. Squeezing them gently to let the man-no boy, for in this instant he was a boy-know that he was there.

He solemnly looked towards the still body of the woman lying in the hospital bed, to the new born baby sleeping peacefully in the nurses arms, to the man who’s heart was breaking, before finally resting on the clock on the wall by the door.

He closed his eyes tightly, a tear slipping down his face as he said,”time of death, 11:57 p.m.”

I hope you liked it! I think I’m going to do a big one-shot based off of this! Let me know what you think!

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